Himalayan Wild Fibers is a straight-forward manufacturing and export business committed to improving the lives of Himalayan villagers
and the state of our environment.
With our focus on selling export quality fiber, we keep it
simple, beneficial and profitable.

We extract a textile fiber to be sold into developed markets
from an under-valued, under-utilized

non-timber forest product.

Wild-Growing Giant Himalayan Stinging Nettle

We pay fair trade prices for our raw material, which represents significant income to the those who harvest it from
wild mountain forests.

Using a proprietary extraction process, we produce a lustrous, long fiber that is now making its way into
luxury interiors and apparel markets.

In the world of social enterprise, Himalayan Wild Fibers is unique. 
We are a US-registered company with operations in Nepal. 
We are managed, on the ground in Kathmandu, by an
American with more than three decades of business experience in marketing and sales.

For information: info@himalayanwildfibers.com