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Textile Fiber from the Himalayas


The most obvious, direct, and effective way to combat poverty is to help poor people earn more money
— The Business Solution to Poverty; Paul Polak, Founder of IDE, and Mal Warwick

Himalayan Wild Fibers manufactures and sells textile fiber extracted from a plant that grows wild in the mountain forests of the Himalayas.

Our fair payment for raw material creates income for villagers who grow crops and keep animals on subsistence farms terraced into the steep terrain of the mountains.

They wild-harvest the raw material in the off-season without disruption to their farm activities.

Our appropriate technology extraction process creates jobs for those who live at lower altitudes and need regular work to support their families.



Wild-growing, giant Himalayan stinging nettle is a perfectly sustainable rhizome, with shoots annually reaching over three meters in height.

Harvesting the vertical stalks clears out one year’s growth, making room for new leafy and healthy shoots in the next year to better absorb CO2.  It also promotes root growth for soil stabilization in landslide prone mountains.

Climate in the Himalayas affects the entire world. Forestry professionals believe the collection of our raw material – the removal of dead stalks – could very well have a net positive impact on this mountain environment.



Wild-Harvesting Raw Material

Devi Maya Thami collecting Himalayan nettle.

Dolakha District

Working with a local Community Forest Users Group

A local Community Forest Users Group meeting



 From Ribbons of Bark to Fiber

Raw fiber (bark ribbon)

Raw fiber (bark ribbon)

A single ribbon of bark

Close up of bark ribbon, fiber on the inside

Close up of bark ribbon, fiber on the inside

Base fiber; cut; natural color; some opened

Base fiber; cut; natural color; some opened

Base fiber converted for use in specialized spinning equipment


Using a proprietary extraction process, we produce a lustrous, long fiber that is spun by commercial mills to produce beautiful, unusual yarns for use in luxury interiors and high-end apparel.


60% Silk, 40% Himalayan Nettle


100% Himalayan nettle denim has been developed in Europe.

Denim jeans, detail Dec 2016.JPG

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